Female universities, or colleges for women, are institutions that exclusively enroll women (and their transgender students).

They offer a unique education that prepares women to flourish academically, personally, socially and professionally. The colleges are often distinguished by their high standards, small class sizes, and rigorous coursework that is designed to challenge and elevate each student’s intellectual capacity.

These schools are an integral part of the higher education system, providing access to higher education in countries where coed colleges may not be an option. Moreover, many women’s colleges have a strong network of alumnae who serve as mentors and provide career support after graduation.

A woman’s education can transform a person and society, as many have shown. Julia Child, Martha Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, and other well-known graduates fromĀ female universities have demonstrated their ability to create positive change in the world.

The first women’s colleges, founded in the 19th century, offered rigorous coursework that paved the way for outspoken writers and educators to participate in the public sphere when gender bias against women was common. Today, women’s colleges continue to advance the cause of equal access for all to an excellent education and strive to provide an academic experience that is free from gender bias.

Your interests and experiences are different from those of your coed counterparts, and you seek a smaller environment where you can form strong relationships with professors and other students. You are also open to exploring subjects that are more challenging for you, such as the sciences and history.

You have a passion for teaching and learning from others, particularly in groups where your perspectives are heard. You are eager to work in an environment that is inclusive, tolerant and respectful of differences.

In addition, you are dedicated to fostering opportunities for other women, and you believe in empowering and encouraging young people to follow their dreams. Whether it’s through leadership roles or mentoring, you want to help make a difference in your community.

Your goals for a college education are unique to you, but you are passionate about changing the world and you see an opportunity to do so through your studies. Your passion for learning will help you find a university that is right for you and will guide your success.

You want to learn how to become a leader and have the confidence to step into that role. You need to have access to resources that will teach you what it takes to be a leader, such as workshops and other programs, and you need to find ways to make your voice heard through activism or other means.

To meet those needs, you want to attend a university that is gender-responsive and offers leadership programs and programs that focus on gender equity. These programs are aimed at eliminating unconscious bias in all aspects of the hiring, advancement, and retention process and hold those who manage these processes accountable for their outcomes.

A woman’s university is a place where you can live out your dreams and be a part of a strong community of students, teachers, and supporters. The experience will be one that you will never forget. You will graduate with a degree and a new lifelong network of friends and supporters.